Data Entry Test

Data Entry Test 5.5

Checks and displays the user's typing speed
Uses a variety of words and numbers-based tests to verify your alphanumeric writing speed on the keyboard. Displays your keys per hour average as well as typing accuracy and logs all your error for future study.

Having good typing speed and accuracy can give you extra points when applying for a job. In fact, these are indispensable requisites in some cases.
This program lets you test and improve your typing speed and precision by using numbers and words. It has a splash screen from where you can choose the type of test you want to perform (numeric, alpha, or alphanumeric). Once you have made your choice, a screen will appear where you will need to fill in the blank spaces by typing the required numbers, words or both. Once you have finished, you can read your results. These include test date, gross and net keystrokes per hour, accuracy, test duration, errors, fields filled in, and more. You can print these results for future reference. All the test results are stored so you can retrieve them whenever you want.

You can set the program to use decimals on the numeric tests and to advance automatically to the next field when you complete the one which you are working in.

Maybe the only drawback of the program is its interface, which is rather unattractive. This may be intentional so the interface cannot distract the testee’s attention.

The trial version is fully functional during 30 days, after which you will need to purchase a license if you intend to keep using it.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Useful
  • Can be used for training or in actual job tests


  • The program's interface is rather unattractive
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